Nothing In Common EP

by Reasonist

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released October 23, 2014

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Fabian at Machines of Sleep Studio Cuxhaven (

Artwork by Melli (




Reasonist Hamburg, Germany

3-piece hc/punk from Hamburg/Leipzig, Germany.

Contact: reasonist[at]machinesofsleep[dot]de

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Track Name: Cynic
I've worn a cynical smile
all along - not today!

Even if my voice is shaking
and my knees are weak,
I'm gonna yell at your face:
Enough is enough!

Never again!
Track Name: Reiteration
I've been told over and over
like a record on repeat
which goals to reach,
(which) things to enjoy.

Even after all these times
it still makes me sick.
(It makes me feel) like my insides try to find a way out.

Your joy isn't my joy.
We don't believe in the same things.
Track Name: Disgust
„I feel sorry for him
it makes me sad,
he'd be a perfect match
- for a girl."

If pity is the only thing
you feel for him,
I can only say:
You make me sick.

You cannot heal
what's not a disease.

Your conservative thinking disgusts me so much!


The quote at the beginning of this song is from a German documentary about doctors claiming to be able to "heal" homosexuality. At an anti-gay-demonstration the reporter reveals that he is homosexual to a protester who, in return, says these fucked up things quoted in the lyrics above.
Track Name: Nothing In Common
I wonder how a former home
can feel so cold
and how it has become a place
I can't leave fast enough.

Frustration, Torschlusspanik, Boredom consuming me.

Shared youth,
nothing in common (anymore).
We have fallen apart!
Track Name: Two Steps Back
Replacing same with same,
exchanging bad with worse.

Blocking my interactions - Insecurity!
Every step taken
is two steps back.
Is it really worth the effort
(or) is it wasted time?

Is it bad habit or a part of myself?